Branch Meeting – 25 Jan 2022

Purpose of the meeting:

To seek feedback from Branch members (Ex Cadets) regarding the development of a policy regarding the continued membership and affiliation to the RMC Alumni Association (formerly referred too as Ex-Cadet Club of Canada) of any ex-cadet found criminally responsible for acts of sexual aggression, threats, harassment and assault.

The Commandant of RMC Kingston is seeking input and feedback from Ex-Cadets regarding the current situation in the CAF around the subject of sexual harassment and assault and how this affects the good function of the Alumni Association.

According to the JAG there are roughly 15000 complaints in the system which includes current and past incidents.

The focus of the meeting will be:
1. What ex-Cadets think of the current wave of allegations and formal complaints ?
2. What sort of policy should the Alumni Association adopt ?

Thank you

We hope to hear from you on January 25th, 13h00-15h00

Jacques Gagne, 1st VP
Ottawa Branch

This will be a Zoom meeting (click here).

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